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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day #4 and #5

Yeah, so Day #4 actually did not contain an assembly...lucky me! Mainly, since I was able to head down to Milwaukee and get together with Ang and Ben. Had a really great time, and a rainy drive back, but it was worth every minute. We're all very close and I never get to see them, and being so far away means I have to take advantage when I can.

Today, some small minor issues...nothing too horrible.

1. I only had 20 kids show up (out of 85) at the start of rehearsal today. Not good. Most were in sports or campaigning, so now I will reassess the schedule and make some recommendations.

2. We had the BBS picture today (all the guys in the shape of WI), which actually went pretty well. The assembly happened afterwards (running down the hill to get back to play, only to not have a speaker ready when we were done. Oops).

3. Then the speaker (who finally did show up) called to have the colors removed in the middle of the program - not as it was supposed to be, which mean the Color Guard was not ready and neither were we. When he asked the 2nd time (everyone still trying to figure out what was going on), the color guard ran into position, I ran to the podium, and up and out the flags went. Yep.

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