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Thursday, June 18, 2009

and then there was Day #6

All in all, a very nice day - the rain stayed away for the most part, which was nice. Maybe it will storm later! I love storms...

I got to see my sister and nephew today too, which was very fun and almost unexpected (didn't realize they'd be home so quick this week). So we went and did lunch, and had a very wonderful time with Jack. And Uncle Rich.

Tonight was the big Inaugural - the band was simply spectacular. The guys did awesome. A few items of note:

1. Talking into a mic while people are loudly clapping doesn't work. Don't try it.

2. It's helpful to involve the color guard in all aspects of the program which do involve the color guard. That means, tell them what's going on.

3. Rehearsing in a space ahead of time always helps...not seeing the choir today at the end of my rehearsal made me a bit nervous.

4. The end of the program consisted of a last minute 'the band needs to get the color guard out...now' moment...and my guys responded. Flawlessly.

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