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Friday, June 19, 2009

Day #7

Good evening, all -

The final assemblies of the day have now passed, and overall everything went smoothly. The morning assembly was a standard one with the joint session of the legislature, and all went ok for the most part (until the music ran out on the guys marching in. Last night they ran up there, this morning they trudged. Whoops.)

Tonight's assembly and tribute to our veterans was very well received. The slide show of the week was excellent, and the overall tribute program went ok. A few small items:

1. Need to go over lighting again next year. A nice candle-lit retirement of the colors was interrupted by all the halogens coming on. Oops.

2. The flags were supposed to wait until the candles were lit, but instead they ran out. (chuckle) It was a nice candlelit circle though.

3. My band was perfect on the slideshow tribute. Right down the timing. Nice work, guys.

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