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Monday, June 22, 2009

4 hours of...hm...

I had another one of those interesting airplane experiences again last night on my way back...I'm lucky I always manage to get an aisle seat. The guy sitting next to me in the middle spot was...hm, how do I describe it...agitating the whole time? Maybe that's a bad word to describe it. He was just moving all the time. adjusting this, adjusting that. And of course he had to try to spread his legs out (since he was a bit taller) and that meant encroaching space of mine and the guy at the window. Another sign he was a space hog...he needed to have the armrest up, but just between him and me, and not the other guy. Oh, and he got yelled at by a flight attendant for not turning his phone off. Lovely.

Tomorrow I will get back into my workout regimen after being gone this last week. That'll be good.

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