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Friday, September 28, 2018

Ireland Day 8 - Back to Dublin

We took our time the next morning (following the proper checkout procedures) and were soon on our way south.  We didn't have a big hurry for the day; the initial thought was to be back and see the Guinness Storehouse and food options.  By the time we did get back and check-in to the AirBnb that started out our trip, our research showed that in order to visit the restaurants at Guinness you still had to pay the entry fee.  Seemed like a waste.

So we opted for more local eatery fare around the corner.  A short walk from our place was Arthur's Pub - a polished menu with great atmosphere and live music on most evenings.  

After dinner it was time to head back and begin the packing process.  Hard to believe we were back and almost nearing departure!

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