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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ireland Day 5 - Galway/Westport

Our travels today took us further north and west - one spot we needed to drive through was The Burren.  Located in County Clare this is a wide environmental area that is unlike the other green areas of Ireland.  There are many rocks and hills, with much of the area temperate compared to the south and east.  I couldn't take pictures while I drove through but the landscape was notably different and quick picturesque.

The main city at about the halfway point of our day's drive was Galway.  We intended to stop since Quay Street is known for excellent shops, music, and overall atmosphere.  For lunch we grabbed a quick bite at 1520 Bar before further exploring the street - loved the activity and energy!

We also found the city walls...which are partly located within a mall.  Such history all around ... while you grab a coffee and have a snack.

One church highlight from our walk was St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church - amazing stained glass:

Our stay for the evening was another AirBnb located near Glassillaun - noted as a cottage, this was amazingly close to the beach with another excellent wood stove.  We once again had a fun time driving on some single lane roads but found it in good order and grabbed a bit to eat from a local eatery in Leenaun.  And so many sheep all around!  In fact, we think some actually got loose unless they were out intentionally.  Another day complete!

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