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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ireland Day 6 - To Londonderry/Derry

The trip from Westport to Londonderry/Derry was going to be the longest single drive during our trip, but I think there was a measure of excitement for us knowing this would be an area never seen before.  In fact, I was looking forward to observing how the countryside changed as we transitioned from Ireland to Northern Ireland.

Before we left, though, we couldn't pass up some pictures of the area:

Our first stop was in Sligo for lunch - it was a great day to walk and a local passerby recommended O'Brien's Sandwich Cafe for lunch.  We were glad we stopped!

After our break, we continued onward with a short stop near Drumcliffe to see the burial place of W.B. Yeats.  St. Columba's Church is a step back in time:

Arriving to Londonderry/Derry was so smooth we didn't even realize we had crossed the country border.  Directions to our AirBnb were simple - the river location was fantastic.

Dinner for the evening was at The Gate Bistro - we tried to stop at Fitzroy's to start though our reservation request was not received and the wait time was far too long.  Thankfully we were seated right away and our dinners were excellent.

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