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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Restaurant Review: Ristorante Italia

I catch myself sometimes being skeptical of restaurants that are "off the beaten path" and away from the main hub of a city.  Sometimes, though, these are best restaurants in a city.  They offer home grown favorite foods and well constructed meals that are not in main touristy places.

So it is for Ristorante Italia - down one side street and away from the main area of the train station and Bahnhofstrasse, this restaurant offers a truly authentic Italian eating experience for a reasonable price within Zurich.  I was particularly drawn to their restaurant philosophyHaving a passion for traditional recipes and a variety of regional dishes. They pride themselves on intense taste of fresh, seasonal produce.  And they are proud to have the reputation of being more authentic than most Italian restaurants in Zurich.

They have a main menu as well as a separate take-out list - I chose the take-out list for this visit, and went with the spaghetti pomodoro.  When I got home, I had one of the best prepared meals of spaghetti I've ever sampled.  The sauce and noodles were prepared as exactly as my mother would make, with a particular spice not present in most sauces.  The accompanying breads were also exceptional.

With intimate seating available, the restaurant also has a fairly extensive wine list.  Next time I look forward to giving a vintage a try. 

And despite the quiet street, the main seating area was mostly filled - a testament to the word of mouth this location speaks to.  If you're in the area, be sure to stop in and check it out!


  1. Weird to see the word pomodoro being used as actual food instead of a Getting Things Done context.

    Is that two breads on the plate, or bread and polenta? It looks yummy.