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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Devaluations all around

It's been an overall rough week for points earning in major travel programs.  Devaluations have hit just about every program in my earning portfolio, from Hyatt to United, and some of my favorite sites have highlighted the many new changes:



For some Hyatt properties, the new Category 7 will hurt frequent points travelers - and I'm sad to see that the Park Hyatt Zurich is among those on the list that will be going up substantially (36%).  As one of my favorite properties to stay at while on vacation, I'll be needing to save up even more points for future stays in Zurich.

On the United side, most changes are occurring on awards in first class on worldwide travel on partner airlines.  The amount of miles needed increases on location from 63%-86% depending on where you go, which is terrible.  If you choose to travel on United metal exclusively, the changes seem modest compared to the partner areas.  Keep in mind, though, that United does not fly to all locations on their own planes, and often travelers must rely on partners to get to specific destinations. 

I'm fearful that the coming US Airways/AA merger will also gut that program - time will tell if that is the case.

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