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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Restaurant Review: The Bite

While scouring the map for new culinary delights in Zurich, I chanced to see the 19th ranked/rated restaurant in Zurich (by Tripadvisor) as right around the block from where I'm staying.  So...I couldn't resist giving it a try!

I'm not sure how to describe them, but the burgers served by The Bite are simply outstanding.  Maybe its the flavors within the meat itself, maybe its the sauce, or quite possibly...all of them together!  Since it was my first time visiting I tried the "Classic" - figured I should start off basic and work my way up.  The food was quickly prepared, server always attentive, and I had no issues with the meal.  I also enjoyed the ambiance of the room - it's the first place where I've been served a meal on a table made from a door!

The menu is not complex - I think it helps them focus on their product and makes it unique (Swiss Beef mix included)

Next time you're in Zurich, be sure to stop in and try The Bite - I was lucky they could fit me in without a reservation.  Next time I might not be so lucky!

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