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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Small Towers not closing after all

I previously wrote about the FAA closing a number of smaller ATC Towers due to the sequestration cuts, and the impact this could have on flights.

Now, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the FAA will not be closing any towers.

I'm happy the impact will be minimal, although I'm curious what they're going to do in September.


  1. Of course, the towers may not have needed to be open in the first place... Coyoteblog

  2. I'd rather err on the side of a tower being open than planes having issues landing

  3. I'd go with the issues, I would bet we're spending five times as much on the tower as any accidents would cost. Especially after the private sector got through with the process of finding ways to avoid the accidents more cheaply via GPS or whatever.

  4. Once the ATC system is updated to its new model, this might all be moot. But in the meantime...why not err on the side of safety?