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Monday, May 13, 2013

Place of the Day: Bukhara

The area around NE Africa and the Middle East is fascinating to me.  So much rich history and culture to experience, and the unfortunate unrest in that part of the world means that many people are unable to visit and take in the sites.  Having spent a lot of time in Doha, I have a number of different places I'd still like to visit in the area.  And I just found a new one to add to the list:

Bukhara - Uzbekistan

Once situated on one of the most important trade routes between the West and China, Bukhara has many cultural sites that you can visit.  The Mir-i-Arab Madrassa is just one of the highlights.  

Bukhara (BHK) does have an airport, and you can find connections to get there via Moscow.  Another option would be to fly into Tashkent (TAS), and then find a connection through to Bukhara.  Korean, Turkish, and Air France all have flight options into Tashkent.

If you're interested in tours of the area, those are also available.

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