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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How the Internet has changed our travel

There are many obvious answers to the statement above - the ability to have a phone with you wherever you go with information at your fingertips, being able to search for locations and activities ahead of time, reading reviews of restaurants, checking in for your flight, and the list goes on.  How we interact with each other has drastically changed.

It's even more pronounced when the unexpected happens, which it did this last week at work: an Internet outage.  My office turned from an operation that was humming along to one where everyone just stood around, looking at each other, wondering what to do next.  Have we become that dependent on being connected?  No email, no Dropbox, no Facebook, the horror!  I marvel at how many times I see our student workers with a bowed head buried in their phone on Facebook.  I shake my head every time.

I share with you this disconnected article for more context.

The Internet and access has changed the way we do business, the way we interact with each other, and also the way we travel. 

Does anyone know how to address an envelope anymore?


  1. I really had a hard time on the train to Washington DC, getting my nephew to look out the window at the Appalachians instead of playing games on my laptop. On the other hand, tourism is way better when you have Wikipedia in hand.

    The travel part of travel is actually part of the vacation when you have Internet access -- my train trip was like 24 hours total but I just loved it.

  2. Agreed - I find the same amount of "fun" when I'm on the plane or the train...being disconnected is great!