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Thursday, November 15, 2012

tica taca...a new experience

I will be taking the opportunity on my upcoming trip to try out a brand new airline that I've never flown before: Taca.  It is a relatively new member of the Star Alliance, and I'm excited about seeing how far my new United 1K status gets me while I'm on my way down yonder.  I should at least get lounge access while I'm traversing through El Salvador and into Lima - and it can't possibly be any worse than what the United lounges are offering right now (who serves donuts in a lounge??). I'm a smidge bummed that my fare class will only allow me to earn 50% mileage while I go, but I was more than happy to take that in stride since my fare was so low...will be hard to top the price of this ticket in the future considering how far I'm going!

One thing I truly enjoy about flying United as much as I do is how well I'm taken care of, in respect to service, luggage, and upgrades.  And this sentiment pretty much also applies to the whole of the Star Alliance that I've been able to fly (US Airways, Lufthansa, Cityline, Swiss, Brussels, Qatar when they were a United partner).  My favorite so far out of all of these is Swiss, although Qatar is a close second.  Since I will have a considerable amount of time getting down to Lima, I'll be able to get a pretty good sense of how Taca operates and where on my favorites list it will rank.  I'm wondering what kind of food will be served...

Thankfully, it looks as though I'll be flying on A320's on the way down and back, so it should be fairly pleasant.  I'll also be bringing some work along to keep me going on my dissertation...must keep going!

If anyone has been to Lima before, any recommendations on fun things to make sure and see? 

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  1. I'm wondering what kind of food will be served...

    Lima beans and Taca Tacos. Enjoy. My cousin is teaching English in Peru right now... I don't think he's in Lima?