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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

countdown: one week

I looked at my calendar today, and realized that I should probably start an official one week countdown to next Wednesday.  Why, do you ask?  My next mini-adventure starts one week from today.  In fact, at this time next week I'll already be in the air and on my way.  I've got quite a bit to do before then, but I enjoy making a countdown.

Where is the airplane taking me this time? You may or may not recall back in the first part of June that Orbitz had an unbelievable one-day sale on airfare to South America.  Fortunately, one of my staff members saw this deal and alerted me to it, and after a quick check on vacation approval he and I both got approved to go, and tickets were bought!  The fare was amazing...only $250 roundtrip from LAX to Lima (cheaper than flying to Wisconsin).

So...in one week...Lima, Peru and Machu Picchu!

This post from TPG gives a great overview...can't wait to see it myself.

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  1. My aunt is thinking about visiting her son in Peru right now. You got an incredible deal on that ticket.