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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lima Trip - Weekend

After a very long train ride back to Cusco, my evening ended without too much fanfare. I did run and get some food (was starving) before walking back to the hotel and crashing...sleep was not easy though after what I had seen at the ruins.

The next morning my flight was due to depart around 1pm, so I arranged for a ride at 10 so I could grab a bite of breakfast first. This time my ride was not late, and off we zipped. The was a big todo happening in the main square - bands playing, lots of people - so we had to detour all around it.

I was pleasantly surprised when checking in that I could catch an earlier flight if I wanted, and so I took the chance to leave sooner. No checked luggage meant an easy choice for me. Taca has been very good this trip, and I will recommend them in the future (although they are merging names and becoming only "Avianca" in 2013).

It became very obviously upon landing back in Lima that I was sore and worn out. The ruins are quite a trek, and so rather than pushing I erred on the side of taking it easy and relaxed for the evening - I did take a walk and enjoyed the nice weather though. Can't wait to come back when I have more time and see more of the area.

Overall it's been a great trip - long day of flying to get back home. ¡hasta luego Lima!

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