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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lima trip - Day 1

Travel. That has pretty much summed up my day so far. I'm writing this from high above El Salvador on my last segment into Lima. I must say that the trip so far has been pretty smooth with no real hiccups. This is my first time flying Taca (new Star Alliance member) and I'm pretty impressed. The staff has been professional, and despite my lack of Spanish I'm finding it not too difficult to manage my surroundings.

A couple items of note:
1. Taca has very early boarding times - ala one hour prior. Early checkin will save a scramble to get through security
2. One item I forgot - contact case. Never assume you can find one easily.
3. The handle from my newer suitcase bit the dust. Good thing it happened just as I was getting to the gate (note sarcasm)
4. Taca has all new planes, including the E190 I'm on with USB power at my seat!

My next post will come after I've settled in at my hotel in Lima. I wonder what the dinner service will be on this leg - last one was a penne pasta dish. Yum.

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