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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Railway followup

I forgot to include a few important details regarding the 15 days worth of Trans-Siberian train travel mentioned yesterday...some that could impact your desire to partake in the trip.

First, you can't just go to Russia and get on the train - you have to get 'invited' to get a visa.  Needs to be done ahead of time.

Second, you may need a second one if you plan to do the Beijing or Mongolia option.

Third, it's 15 days on a train.  With no showers.  Granted you're not doing too much exertion or physical activity, but still...plan accordingly.

Fourth, no internet.  It's outer Siberia, after all.  Better bring a book or two.  Or four.

I still want to do this trip, that is for sure.  It just means whenever I do end up going, some planning will need to be involved. 

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  1. Oh, now you tell me. I airdropped into the Siberia terminal last night and I'm posting this from within the steaming corpse of a dead polar bear. (The Wifi reception in here is surprisingly good.)