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Monday, November 28, 2011

Easter on an Island

Can you guess where today's Place of the Day is located?  I think my title gave it away, but the reason I chose this place is because it is a highlighted place to visit when you have tons of frequent flyer miles in the OneWorld Alliance to burn and don't know where to go (at least, that's what I've read ever since British Airways miles have now switched to Avios points...good grief).  So here it is...Easter Island (no rabbits included):

Billed as one of the most isolated places on earth, it's home to the the giant stone monoliths that seem to crop up in many movies.  Much research has been done to try and unravel how the statues were constructed, and there is still a mystery behind how they got placed on the coastline.  Well worth any adventure to visit and see!

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  1. Ben and I truly want to go here. I've actually researched cost and have even found a spot on the mainland to stay...it seems really cool!