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Monday, July 4, 2011


I love the size of this town. It's not difficult to walk anywhere and see any part you'd like at anytime. And the people are very friendly and do their best to try and understand you.

After waking up I thought it might be good to find the grocery store and get a few things for the week. Off I went across the street and found it...at least, I found signs and windows looking in but no door. Walked halfway around each side...no door. Where is it? I saw a sign leading to some underground parking and so I followed that down and found an elevator going up to the store. This can't be the main entrance, but oh well. I take it up and soon I'm in the store! Except at that moment I see two doors still gated and quickly deduce that the store is not open yet, and I should probably not be there. Before the two ladies could see me I jumped back in the elevator...last thing I want is to cause a problem on the first day. And I saw a main entrance from the inside...come to find out it was in the opposite corner of where I had started. There was a line already formed for the open, and right at nine they all rushed in. The item of choice? Fresh baked bread just being put out. I got what I needed and went to check out...other than getting cut in line by a little old man, I had my breakfast for the morning. Soon we would start our meeting.

We met as a group in a room not far from our hotel. Our usual meeting room at the hotel was already booked, so the owners at the other place were kind to let us use it. A brief review of the 10 principles was good - it helps to have that foundation as we progress. The only other hitch of the morning was Crystal not feeling well...she ended up going back to the hotel for a bit while we went on.

After several hours it was time for lunch (still not used to lunch at 2pm) and we walked through most of the town to get to our intended place. So many old buildings...history everywhere. This town used to be a walled city and you can still see the gates and parts of the wall as you walk. The menu list wasn't too long, but I tried a vegetable lasagna dish and my second was an egg dish with mushrooms. Both were very good. After we were done we stopped at the university very briefly to see the statue of Arizzmendi and take some pictures.

Our evening was spent with several friends of David's, who walked us through town as we sampled various wines and beers (along with pinchos if you were interested). It's called Txikitea (good luck pronouncing that one). Unfortunately it was around that time that Crys got really sick as we were leaving - scared me a little. We in our cohort tend to stick together, so I felt bad for her...Jimmy and I saw her later and she seemed to be doing better which was good.

All in all an interesting day...more fun to come I'm sure.

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