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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 2 - Gimmelwald

I'm not sure where to begin to describe how amazing the mountains are in this part of Switzerland. If anyone has the chance to get here and visit Gimmelwald or Murren you should definitely take advantage of it. I will post pictures later to share - they may not do justice. (and now here they are!)

Jimmy and I successfully made the trek here from Zurich, and after the crazy five minute cable car ride up the mountain we were in Gimmelwald. Along the way we stopped in Interlaken and met up with one of my good friends, Beth, who is a staff member for Backroads. We found a place to have some lunch (schnitzel and pommes frites, yum) and catch up, which was nice. I enjoy being able to make these connections overseas while I travel, and was thankful Beth had the day free to meet us.

After checking in at the hostel we decided that we might as well hike up to Murren...normally a one hour hike one-way but we took our time. The paths wind and turn, and around each bend another mountain stream seems to jump out and surprise you. Hayfields, gardens, cows with huge bells, sheep...so many things to see. But along with all of them a silence that doesn't feel like it can be duplicated...as you stand along the path you are able to hear nothing but the rushing of melted water flowing from the largest of the snow-covered mountain peaks. So peaceful...makes me almost want to consider renting a chalet here to write my dissertation. What a perspective!

We'll sleep soon...been up for almost 42 of the last 48 hours. And we're trying to decide whether to hike the Schilthorn tomorrow...if we do that it might just do me in.

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