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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Swiss Pass changes for 2018

With all of the travel I do to Zurich I always keep an eye on changes for the Swiss Pass - it's my preferred way to travel within Switzerland.  Hopping on and off trains with no set schedule is the best way to travel!  It helps the pass gives you unlimited options for the duration you chose.

I was pleasantly surprised to see an update to what is covered by the pass - some great changes as far as I'm concerned since I frequent the Jungfrauoch region - from myswissalps.com:

Hello travelers,
If you're already planning your trips for 2018 you might be interested in the below changes, as of January 1, 2018
Changes for Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex holders:
  • The Schilthorn cableway will be free (currently 50% discounted)
  • The Stanserhorn funicular and cableway will be free (currently 50% discounted)
  • The Engelberg to Brunni cableway will be free (currently 50% discounted)
  • The Kräbel to Rigi Scheidegg cableway will be free (currently not included)
  • The Pilatus cableway and cogwheel train will be 50% discounted (currently free)
  • The Schynige Platte cogwheel train will be 50% discounted (currently free)
  • The FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich will be free (currently not included)
New pass prices:
  • Swiss Travel Pass 2nd class: CHF 225 (3 days), CHF 270 (4 days), CHF 398 (8 days), CHF 485 (15 days)
  • Swiss Travel Pass 1st class: CHF 358 (3 days), CHF 429 (4 days), CHF 631 (8 days), CHF 765 (15 days)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Flex 2nd class: CHF 259 (3 days), CHF 310 (4 days), CHF 445 (8 days), CHF 532 (15 days)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Flex 1st class: CHF 412 (3 days), CHF 493 (4 days), CHF 706 (8 days), CHF 840 (15 days)
  • Swiss Transfer Ticket 2nd class: CHF 154
  • Swiss Transfer Ticket 1st class: CHF 247
  • Swiss Half Fare Card: CHF 120
  • Swiss Family Card: free
The Schilthorn cableway!  I love it.  It's usually very expensive to visit the top and now its free!

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