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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Doha Days

It's been a bit since I was in Qatar - my last extended visit was to work on my doctoral research with the students and administrators at Education City.  So much has been happening there in between, the most recent being the blockade initiated by surrounding GCC countries.  I'm encouraged by the stance Qatar has always taken about being willing to be open to communication and discussion.  Hopefully the other GCC countries come around to talking as well and end the blockade.

No complaints for this trip...the weather was beautiful (80 and sun each day) and the opportunity to walk and visit places such as Souq Waqif and Villagio could not be passed up:

Construction is still present throughout the West Bay though it was just as easy to call or find a Karwa to get around.  Thinking back, I feel that it is easier to find a taxi then I previously remember.  And if you'd rather not find a taxi, you can also call an Uber!  In some cases the Uber is cheaper per destination...glad to have the option.

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