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Monday, December 21, 2015

Ireland Day 4 - Belfast

The wind was strong all night again and when we woke in the morning, much of the storm had passed but it was still raining.  Our host recommended that we proceed back to Dublin directly and avoid paths to the northern cities due to poor roads and flooding.  Grudgingly we took her advice but decided on stopping in Galway city before heading back to the highway (Donegal and Londonderry will be on tap for the next visit). We made a quick drive through town and soon were back on the roadway for another longer driving segment.  I really enjoyed the driving, song playlists, and our conversations as we went along.  The countryside is very green and beautiful with many cows and sheeps.

Upon reaching Dublin we steered toward Belfast and soon crossed the border - surprisingly no major checkpoints along the main route.  Our primary goal for the day - the Titanic Museum.  I've always been fascinated with the Titanic and remember reading everything I could find on the discovery and history of the tragedy.  The museum itself contains many historical facts and background on the design and build, along with stories about the infamous night.  One highlight - the actual ship outline to scale in the berthing area where it was built:

We took our time exploring and it was well worth the visit. Before heading back to Dublin we decided on fish and chips for dinner, and found a local place which was quite excellent: The Famous Bethany.  More food then we expected and quite busy!

Our place to stay for the night was another AirBnb property, and this one was also exciting - a country farm location owned by Willie.  Located outside of Dromore and Bainbridge, we had to wait for directions in order to proceed since we didn't want to chance getting lost.  Because of spotty cell coverage, Willie came to meet us in town and we followed him out to the property and our cottage for the evening.  Nothing like a wood-burning stove on another cold night to wind down our day out and about.  The trip is flying by!

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