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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Vienna - Thursday/Arrival

Vienna here we come!  I've really come to enjoy the opportunity to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, and despite some schedule difficulties with American (who cancels flights over the holiday?) we managed to get to Vienna in good shape and with plenty of time to explore our digs for the night and the local eatery scene.

But first...the opportunity to check out the Park Hyatt Vienna!  And I must say...pretty exceptional, and not just because we were able to get a Suite upgrade:

The property is a converted bank building and the architecture alone makes walking throughout an adventure.  You can still see and picture the teller areas and where certain offices used to be.

As an added bonus, we also had a Christmas Market right outside in the square:

Our restaurant of choice for the evening was Hopferl, located just across the corner from the Hyatt and market.  I had to try the Wienerschnitzel - was excellent.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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