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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2016 American Airlines AAdvantage Program Changes...and it's not good

As reported extensively by most of the bloggers today, including OMAAT and View from the Wing, American Airlines has announced their changes to the AAdvantage program.

And it's not good.  Read the official update here.

Major changes to earning structures, elite mileage accrual, and partner mileage accrual.  Most options for redeeming miles in business and first class will be going up as much as 49% or more.  Here are the general earning points for redeemable miles for each status level:

A $350 roundtrip ticket from Philly to LA would earn 3,850 redeemable miles, instead of 4,802.  So much for spending time finding cheaper flights...

Guess it's time to start evaluating my options for 2017.  I have Executive Platinum status through all of next year, but it will become increasing harder to earn miles for redemptions on American.  I suspect most people will start to credit flights directly to Alaska Airlines (who is a partner with American, Emirates, and others).

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