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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vienna - Saturday

The sun was out and shining for our Saturday adventure, and the subway didn't take long to get us over to a different part of the city and another national treasure, the State Opera House.  We decided a guided tour would be a nice way to view the entire property, and after a short wait and stop of a nearby coffee house we were off.  If only we would have had time to see a show!

Soon after our tour was complete, we had one more major stop: Schloss Schonbrunn and the famous Christmas Market in the courtyard.  It took us a while to walk through most of the major rooms and sections throughout, and at times it felt as though you were stepping back in time.  I enjoyed seeing the Imperial Apartments the most and much of the ornate furnishings.

Dinner for the evening was a true Austrian experience, Restaurant Ofenloch.  Another schnitzel try and we came away very impressed (and full).  We were lucky to get a reservation on such short notice - next time, we need to make sure to email plenty ahead.

One last stop at the Am Hof Christmas market and our day was complete!

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