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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Surveys = miles/points...Easy!

I tend to focus a lot on miles and points accrual via typical travel options (flights, hotels, etc).

But one area that may get overlooked in the points game is online surveys.  I must admit that I've been using the survey method to accrue a large number of points for the last decade or so - and it's easy to do.  As long as you make some time every day to click on the email links, you can get quite a number of points for redemption.

Here are my favorite sites:

E-Rewards - Just redeemed for yet another $50 iTunes giftcard.  Many options here, including for flight miles across a host of airlines including United, Alaska, AA, and Virgin Atlantic.

Mysurvey - Surveys come to you via your preferences and choices.  Plenty of redemption options.  I'm happy to refer you - send me your name/email and I'll get that out to you!

Do you currently use survey sites to augment your miles/points accrual?

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