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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hats off to Hyatt!

Hyatt customer service has always been excellent (for me).  Whenever I've needed to call their customer service number, there has never been an issue.  Same for the stays that I've had at properties worldwide.  I take great pride in sharing my experiences with managers and line workers, both good and bad, so as to improve the overall customer service experience.

As an example: at a recent Hyatt stay, I got to the room with my key and noticed that the door swipe was not working.  No problem - back to the desk and eventually to wait for a engineer.  When he arrived, he couldn't get it to consistently work either.  Guess it will have to wait till morning (and no leaving the room)...thought that was odd at the time.  What else did I discover on entering?  The cleaning job was not up to spec - found food on the floor near the couch.

I mentioned these things in the morning, and the manager was very nice - in fact, I was credited additional stay points for bringing it to their attention!

Have you shared your experiences with FOH staff at hotels you stay at?

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