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Friday, September 27, 2013

Research next steps...

I enjoy writing about travel-related topics, and appreciate the entire experience of visiting new places and relaxing in new environments.  But now that my dissertation is complete, I'm looking forward to next steps with my research.  This most likely will mean putting together a plan to get back to Qatar and the students in Education City to discuss their experiences and learning. 

So I've begun the process of working toward "next steps" in my professional research plan.  At the top of my list:

1. Submit journal articles from my dissertation work
2. Apply for grant funding to get me back to Qatar to continue my research
3. Realize a foreign language goal
4. Share my research at conferences

It's ambitious, but I don't want to lose momentum.  I feel as though I've found a really valuable area in which to contribute, and I'm hopeful for what may come up down the road. 

If anyone knows of grants or organizations that may be looking for this type of research, please comment below - I'm exploring all options!

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