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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mileage run success - to Anchorage and back

Not my typical flight board!
I'm happy to report that I've made it back and forth from Anchorage in one piece on my mileage run, and had a very pleasant experience overall.  All of my United flights were on time and comfortable, and I even had a chance to walk around for a few minutes after I made it up there.

Quick summaries:

Flight #1: SAN-SFO - A screaming baby made this relatively short flight mildly annoying.  How did a mom and baby get up front anyway?  Maybe it was a points redemption.

Flight #2: SFO-ANC:  Friendly flight crew, great seat, overall good food.  New sampling for me was a chilled southwest chicken plate with corn chips, vegetables, corn, and salsa.  The 4.5 hours flew by.

Flight #3: ANC-SFO:  I had about 80 minutes total to walk around, and got to see a few things before this flight took off.  It was a rainy and cooler 57 when we landed, a start contrast from the weather we've been having in San Diego.  The flight back was equally uneventful, and with the same flight crew!  The Flight attendants did a count, and there were five of us all doing the same mileage run (the guy next to me was from Houston).  We all had a good laugh about how cheap it was.  I slept for about 4 hours...not bad.

Flight #4: SFO-SAN:  Fast, quick, cold air conditioning.  Landed safely, back in the San Diego heatwave.

Considering the value of the "run" flights ($195), I had a very successful run.  Can't wait to find my next deal!

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