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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Major Hilton Award Devaluation

I was quite surprised to see an email this morning from Hilton, outlining changes to its award program. 

Here are the particulars:
Reward Categories – We will be expanding to ten hotel reward categories to account for all of the new hotels and resorts that have opened in the past few years. With 3,900 hotels and resorts in 90 countries you are sure to find the perfect place for your next reward stay. 

Seasonal Hotel Reward Pricing – For most of our hotels and resorts, we will introduce seasonal pricing for reward stays. The amount of points needed for a Standard Room Reward and a Points & Money Reward will vary during certain times of the year. 

5th Night Free – Now members with Silver, Gold or Diamond elite status will get a free night* when they book a Standard Room Reward stay of five or more consecutive nights.

Unfortunately in some cases, the points to redeem go way up.  Top level properties in some cases now require an additional 90% in points to redeem. A property like the Hilton Chicago Airport could cost 10,000 more points per stay!

You can find a numbers breakdown here.

Overall, unless Hilton changes some things back, I'll probably not be staying with them anytime soon (or trying to accumulate major points with them).  This was definitely not a customer-enhanced decision, and the additional carrot of a 5th night free is a bit insulting.  Hilton, you need to do better!

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