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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exec Plat Status Challenge complete!

A few months ago, I called American Airlines with the hope of getting a status challenge to their top tier flyer status (Executive Platinum).  I had a few trips lined up (including my brother's wedding), and figured I'd at least ask to see what the offer would be.  Most have had a variety of options when contacting AA to ask for a challenge, so I was prepared for the worst (meaning some huge amount of miles to have to fly).  I was able to ask for the top tier challenge due to my 1K status on United.

But...I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered a challenge of 25,000 miles in 3.5 months.  That didn't seem too outrageous to me.

And...I'm happy to report that I've successfully met the challenge!

If you're not familiar, Executive Platinum status on American has a whole host of benefits:

- 100% elite mileage bonus
- 8 systemwide upgrades (which can be used to upgrade from any fare in coach to the next cabin)
- Unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades
- Waived ticketing and service fees (including for award tickets)
- Complimentary food and drink in coach

Can't wait to use the upgrades - especially for overseas travel!

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