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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Best airlines are in the Middle East?

I promise I'm not biased at all with the heading of this post, given my research in Qatar and the fact I've taken a few trips to that area of the world...believe what you will.

A recent article discussed the expanding role that Middle Eastern airlines are having on flyers, with increased flight frequency and overall service.  New planes, new flight attendants, new hubs...what's not to like?

I personally have always found flying on a foreign carrier to be a much more enriching experience - and not just because you have easier access to certain amenities in the beverage department.  The flight attendants always seem to be more courteous, the seats better with more recline, and less cancellations/changes.  My favorites include Qatar Airways and British Airways, with Swiss coming in a close second. 

I will be curious to see how these companies expand service into the US, and whether or not flyers will respond by ditching the legacy US airlines.  That's the glory of Alliances, in my book - why not try something different and still get the same credit to your frequent flyer account?

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  1. A lot of foreign carriers are basically vanity/prestige projects by countries wanting to show they can run a modern airline. So they're swankier than airlines that are actually trying to make a profit with their own money. But it is nice. My family likes LOT Polish.