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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travel to the east restricted

Thoughts are prayers are certainly with all of those displaced or being affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast.

If you're planning on traveling toward New England or other parts east, you may want to revise your travel plans (at least for now).  La Guardia, JFK, and Newark airports are still closed as of this morning per Flightview, and other airports such as Washington Dulles and Boston Logan are showing very few if any flights arriving.  Make sure to check ahead of time if you're on the docket to fly to any of these areas.

Flightaware.com has also been compiling information about airport status.  You can find the link here, but a summary of the info (as of right now):

6,047 flights cancelled so far today. Most affected is still Philadelphia with with 1,085 cancellations, NYC airports have nearly 1,000 each. We expect more cancellations to happen, especially in NYC, soon.

Only 635 cancellation so far tomorrow (Wednesday). We expect this number to rise once damage can be assessed and re-open times are communicated.Airport-specific updates:

BOS Open/operational, minimal post-hurricane disruption

PHL Open/operational, expecting flights from Delta and Lufthansa.

IAD Open/operational, expecting flights from Delta and foreign carriers.

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