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Monday, October 1, 2012

not a bad average

My results today were 2 out of 3 - I had three students on the docket, and the first two showed up on time and were ready to go (early in fact).  The third...no show...no email.  So I attempt to reschedule.  This is pretty much a common theme with how this has gone for me, but I continue on with only a few days remaining to get as many as I can.  I have several interviews planned for tomorrow, including another over in QF. 

And other than the occasional issue remembering how to correctly calculate the time difference between here and the states, things go fairly well.  (chuckle) You'd think I'd have it down by now, but I still have to look at the clock and count just to double-check myself.  I'm sure those who have lived here a long time have this down pat.  Why does this matter, you ask?  Well, one of the many things that make me count the hours is double-checking my bank stuff just to make sure none of my purchases get stopped - and inevitably the banks do online maintenance at weird hours. 

Congrats to the Packers on the win...the season may yet be salvageable.  Ha.  They play the Colts next week, so maybe they will win again.

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