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Saturday, September 29, 2012

time for a travel post

I'm way overdue for a travel-related post - hope you can forgive me while I've been conducting dissertation research in Qatar!

Thought this might be a fun time to do a quick update on my success so far in the last month - overall I've been pretty happy:

- Both of my CC bonuses from AA were posted exactly as they should have, and so I am now 100k miles bigger in my AA account for future travel (although in the last week their on-time average has been only 47% because of their pilots...hope that gets straightened out quickly or they might be more in trouble)
- Bonuses correctly posted for my BA account, and so my flexibility has also increased with an additional 50k miles
- I successfully used Hyatt award nights for my brother, and in so doing also managed to get some points re-credited as I save up for Maldives (and also happened to discover how to properly say it: mall`-deevs).  If you're wondering why the Maldives, these pictures should tell you:

- Helped out another friend with sign-up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card - the points are great and flexible for use across BA, Hyatt, United, and others
- My research trip this far tipped me into United Platinum status - happy for no fees to book award travel, no cancel fees, and more mileage accrual for every flight.
- There are fantastic cross-country fares right now on United and American (found as I was kayaking the river of fares) for the first two weekends in November - jump on these while they're hot!

Not sure when my next churn will be, but I'm feeling pretty good about where I'm at, even for domestic travel in the next three months.  Right now its looking like I will be on the move...

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