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Monday, September 24, 2012

hot and cold

I've discovered now in my short time here in my new office that they really like to keep the AC on full blast most of the day.  I'm not someone who usually gets cold, but I heard even one of the other staff members complaining late last week about it (apparently there is a problem with some of the 'shut off' valves controlling the amount of AC?).  They thought it was fixed, but something must have happened again because I was just about completely chilled out this morning.  The director across the way from me even has a 'heating' fan on his desk...something doesn't seem right about that...ha.  I took a walk over to ABP for lunch which warmed me up, but still...not good to always go in and out of extreme hot and cold.  Anyway.  It's only 100 out today...not awful.  :)

I've got a meeting coming up over in the neighbor building at 3, and then will call a driver to get me home.  Maybe the Packers will win tonight.

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  1. Too much A/C is one of the reasons I fear getting a desk job. 80 degrees is perfect for me.