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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My very quick trip back to WI was quite successful, once I made it.  In a previous post I mentioned that I had scored an upgrade to First on my flight going, and that portion of the trip ended up being an adventure.  After taxiing out to the edge of the runway, we were told of a maintenance problem that would make us have to go back to the gate.  So back we went, and 30 minutes later made the try again to take off (I thought for sure the San Diego curfew would make us cancel, but it didn't) and off we were, landing 30 minutes late at Ohare.  But since my flight to MKE was at 8, I had no time concerns.  That was, until Milwaukee was fogged in and the airport closed.  We ended up getting on the plane, deplaning, and then getting back on a little after 10.  Landing at 10:30a, I had only about 30 minutes until I was supposed to be at WLC - I quickly changed, grabbed the rental car, and off I went right to the event.  Whew.  I was so tired when I got done, but happy that I made it.

And...I was fortunate to score another upgrade to First on my way back to San Diego!  Lucky me.  Two positive check marks for United post-website integration for me.

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