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Friday, March 2, 2012

it was a good Friday until...

Ever have that kind of day where things started out just great, and then progressively got worse or more frustrating?

Yep, that's been my day today.

Our first morning event at 9am couldn't get the conference phone to dial multiple lines...poor student giving his thesis was so nervous to start with that by the time it got resolved it was 5 min before he was supposed to start.  Felt bad for him, but the line had a problem - it ended up going ok and he finished.

Next up was a demo projector we were given, that (for the most part) was bad right out of the box.  That thing is going back...so much for top of the line...

After that, I found out that confirmed plans I had started to make for my dissertation research and other obligations into the summer months might need to be changed.  Talk about a bit of a gut check for my afternoon...and potentially egg on my face.

The best laid plans...

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