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Thursday, March 15, 2012

the Ides of March

Happy Ides everyone! I love Roman history and Julius Caesar history, so I look forward to this day every single year.  I contemplated trying to have all my meals be Caesar related today...not sure if that's going to work.

A place of the day to highlight though in honor of it all is this Italian city:

Pompeii - Campania, Italy

Yes, Caesar defeated Pompeii eventually, and this is one place I have yet to get to in Italy.  Despite 2/3 of the city still buried, you can really get a glimpse into what Roman life used to be based on the excavations already done.  Located just east of Naples...trains can get you there.

There are quite a few flight options available - all of the airline alliances flight to Rome, and depending on your flexibility you can find some pretty good deals.  Mid-April flights look around $950 right now, and if you can wait until mid-May there are still a few options from O'Hare to Naples for around $870.  If you have miles to use, United has quite a number of flight options through May for saver seats at 55,000 miles, with Business and First options also available upwards of 150,000 miles.

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  1. I've actually been here! I have a very similar picture. I highly recommend Pompeii, especially to those of you who wanted to be archaeologists when you were young!