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Monday, June 6, 2011

a trip...down memory lane

Yes, I'm back on a journey. But not one that makes me all that excited...at least not yet.

I started up my first summer course last week at SDSU - in quantitative analysis. Otherwise known as statistics. Now, normally that probably wouldn't be so bad, but those of you who know how well math and I get along together know that this could be a very interesting experience. I will admit that so far, though, things are going pretty well - I'm still on the positive side of understanding this stuff. I just remember sitting in Chip's Statistics class and wondering (besides who picks out his suits and ties) how I'm ever going to use the stuff...

...well, I guess working on my PhD has helped me figure it out. Here's hoping I make it through in one piece.

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  1. Statistics has never come up in my life so far, although the combinatorics (how many ways to fill n slots with k items) sometimes does.