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Thursday, June 30, 2011

And we're off...

Greetings from somewhere over the Midwest!

I'm currently in flight on the way to my almost two-week global study trip through USD to Mondragon, Spain. So far the first leg to Phoenix was uneventful, and this flight to Philadelphia has been fairly quiet. My buddy Jimmy and I are traveling together for this first leg of the journey, which we decided will take us to Switzerland as our pre-trip experience before we end up in Bilbao.

I'm looking forward to experiencing the participatory model of leadership that Mondragon is known for, and learn firsthand what makes this area and region unique. So many others from USD have raved about this trip...can't wait to get there.

But before that happens, we have just a few more hours to go. :) My seat-mates so far have been great...empty seat next to me on the first flight, and a quiet person right now. Jimmy and I had a chance to catch up a bit on the first leg, but we have different seats on this segment. Plenty of time left to discuss the rest of our program, careers, and sleep. And no major US Airways complaints so far...our boarding in PHX was a bit chaotic, but Star Gold boarding took care of that problem. Bring on the lounges!

(as a side note, Airbus A321 planes are really nice. If you can fly on one, I'd recommend it)

I will be doing my best to post as regularly as I can, given available Internet access. And I can always draft write like I'm doing right now to post later when access is available.

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