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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Challenges due to 737 Max 9 being Grounded

The news in the past week or so about Alaska 1282 has caused quite a few travel impacts as all 737 Max 9 aircraft are still grounded.  United is a major customer of the Max 9 with nearly 80 aircraft not flying.  Last year I recall a fair percentage of my transcon flights were the Max 9 and I never had any problems in-flight or after.  

My Alaska flight this weekend to Phx is impacted by the grounding - after a quick check I realized it is showing as a Max 9.  While not cancelled yet, I expect it to occur at any time.  Thankfully I had booked a backup staging option and should be able to get to Phoenix a bit later than I had first planned.  

Make sure to check your itineraries in advance to make sure you can still get to your destination!

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