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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Travel Stats 2023

Happy New Years Eve!  2024 is upon us and it's been another fun year of travel.  I saw a shift in my flying frequency this fall though still ended with many fun trips home and around the world. 

I ended the year with just over 148,000 miles flown across 106 flights (with 142,618 BIS on United).  I was grateful for limited travel impacts - weather always seems to be a question though I missed most major storms.  I only had one SSSS experience in Zurich and my visits through PreCheck and Global Entry were generally fast.  I also was able to fly on one of the last United BOS-LHR flights, visited Longyearbyen, and made it across the United Island Hopper. 

My time spent with Hyatt was also similar to last year - nights credited were 104 not including free nights from the credit card.  

I hope everyone has a happy start to their New Year with many future travel opportunities!

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