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Sunday, October 11, 2020

What to do in lieu of travel?

Fall is here, and looking back on my what my typical travel pattern would be, I likely would have been finishing details for our usual November excursion.  Sadly that is now off the table.  I would have also been planning to head to San Diego this weekend - that also has been postponed.  In fact, I have no trips scheduled in TripIt which is making me a little disappointed!  So what can I do in lieu of travel? 

One thing is to continue to accrue points and miles.  There have been many different promotions across credit cards over the past few months, including some lucrative 6x points on grocery and Amazon.com purchases.  There have also been some significant signup bonuses for the Marriott and IHG cards.  Saving up points now means more options for travel later.   Maximizing those bonuses with regular spend has been very helpful.

I may not be back in the air, though I feel as though I'm setting up for some great travel options in the future. 

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