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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mid-Year 2020 Travel Check

The coronavirus has changed everything for 2020, and while some activities are beginning to resume, air travel is going to take a while longer to return to the way things were before March 1st.  Working from home along with travel restrictions for international travel/cancellations is certainly having an impact on what my schedule was supposed to be for the year.  It remains to be seen how the rest of the year will look and if I'll even be in the air this fall or winter. 


No status presently on American even though I took advantage of a brief status match in late spring.  I was able to leverage some new CC spend and have increased my miles balance ahead to prepare for travel hopefully next fall.


United is still primary for me given my close proximity to Newark.  A lack of air travel since March means I normally wouldn't be able to re-qualify, however, United has extended status through 2021 so I will be able to hold 1K into next year.  


I was able to reach Globalist late last year and anticipated travel meant I was hoping for many opportunities to stay and upgrade in 2020.  However, similar to what happened with the airlines, my hotel stays have stopped.  Luckily, Hyatt has also extended status through February of 2022.  Existing awards are also extended until the end of 2021, so I'm glad I'm not losing a number of free stays.

I'm hoping that we can continue to move forward with mitigation and possible treatments for Covid so that safe travel is once again possible.  Thankfully this won't immediately impact status changes for 2020.  Wear a mask!

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