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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Place of the Day: Carcassonne

It's more than just a game!

Medieval walls and history of the same have really been focus points for me when traveling.  I had a blast visiting Dubrovnik and walking the city walls, and Hadrian's wall is on my list yet to visit.  So I'm also adding this as a "must" place to go:

Located in the southern part of France, Carcassonne is the one best-preserved medieval/Roman cities with existing ramparts and citadel.  It dates back to early BC time and didn't suffer the same fate as other ruined locations.  It contains 53 towers and two outer walls for exploration.

A good idea of a visit/tour can be found here.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to visit soon!

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  1. It is absolutely a beautiful place to visit and get lost in imagination of what it must be like in the castle in its glory days, I made it a point to stop by driving to Barcelona from Nice. Did not have enough time to explore so thinking about staying there for a couple of days next opportunity I get.