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Monday, August 5, 2019

Dubrovnik/Tallinn Trip: Transit via Istanbul to Tallinn

Our departure was an 8am scheduled flight via Turkish Airlines through the new Istanbul Airport to Tallinn.  The sun was already shining when we departed Rooms Megi and caught an Uber from the Buza Gate to Dubrovnik Airport.

The new Istanbul airport is located quite a distance outside of the city though boasts infrastructure to accommodate a significant increase in passenger traffic.  We landed early and a 20+ minute taxi time gave us an ontime arrival.  Why the airport planners built the runways only to one side of the property is a mystery.

No passport control was required after deplaning - the terminal layout means you may have a bit of a walk to get to your connection so allowing for plenty of time is essential.  We had enough time to visit the Turkish Airlines Star Alliance Lounge for lunch.  They spared no expense with the layout, food options, and amenities:

We had an on-time departure and landing into Tallinn was smooth.  After checking into the Hilton Tallinn Park (points for the stay) we made our way into the city for dinner at Farm.  Can't recommend this place enough for Estonian cuisine (and rhubarb wine!).

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