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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Maldives: Food and Activities

When visiting the Park Hyatt Maldives, it helps if you arrive with Hyatt Diamond Status.  In particular this affords you the opportunity to take advantage of free made-to-order breakfast each morning saving almost $40 per person.  The breakfast area is open to the outside and we found it very pleasant. In fact, it was one time during the day where we saw other guests - for the most part everyone tends to disappear while onsite:

If you time this properly, you can have a hearty breakfast/brunch mid-morning thereby avoiding a separate cost for lunch.  This worked well for us and we also brought snacks along to get us through the day if needed.  

In the evening, we decided on several food options for dinner including the Beach BBQ in The Island Grill and The Bar.  Menus for all contained local favorites and we appreciated the variety during the BBQ.  We especially liked the Short Eats selections at The Bar and visited several times.  It is possible to arrange these before you arrive as some only take place on certain days:

In addition to our choices you can also reserve special beach-side dining options or even request to eat in-room. Some of these contain additional costs though we found the main offerings by the Dhoni to be excellent.  

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